Consulting and Government Affairs Practice

700 13th Street, NW / Suite 930 / Washington, DC 20005
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At Sorini, Samet & Associates, our objective is to combine our decades of experience in government with creative policy ideas to develop practical solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We are also committed to represent our clients with complete integrity and regard for all those with whom we work.

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The professionals of Sorini, Samet & Associates have a well-earned reputation for finding solutions for the government and public policy needs of our clients.

EXPERIENCE: Our professionals provide decades of experience in working at every level with the Congress and Executive Branch agencies across a broad range of public policy questions. We apply that experience to getting results for our clients.

CREATIVITY: We always take on the conventional wisdom and find new ways to achieve the objectives of our clients. Creative, strategic thinking is our hallmark.

SOLUTIONS: What really counts are results, and that is what we are known for. Of course, in public policy advocacy there are no guarantees, but when you apply the right experience with energy and creativity, as we do at Sorini, Samet & Associates positive results happen.

INTEGRITY: We believe that the only approach for effective public policy advocacy is integrity. Our clients can be confident that when they work with Sorini, Samet & Associates, they are working with professionals who share their values.